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Joule Jotter: Collecting power utilization datasets from Households and Buildings


Joule Jotter is a Joint project between DESE, Indian Institute of Science and Embedded Software, EEMCS, TUDelft. Joule Jotter project has received funding from ACM SIGCOMM Community project.


In this project, we aim to develop a publicly available dataset of energy consumption information for residential settings. An in-house energy-monitoring device called “Joule Jotteris used to monitor energy usage of individual appliances and also total energy usage of house and buildings. As a first step we would extensively gather the power readings from various houses and offices.



Project Members:

Dr T V Prabhakar      

Department of Electronic Systems Engineering,                           

Indian Institute of Science                                      


Akshay Uttama Nambi S.N.

Dr R Venkatesha Prasad

Embedded Software, EEMCS

Delft University of Technology