Jun Wu

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2020-10-5 The IDEA League summer school “Computational Design for Additive Manufacturing” took place online Sep. 1-11. Despite time-zone differences and the difficult period we are living, 34 passioned students across the globe actively participated in the online school. Thanks to our co-organizers and invited speakers for making a wonderful program!


2020-7-6 Our work on designing with plant roots is accepted to Bio-Design and Manufacturing. Congrats to Jiwei!


2020-7-6 Our work on soft robotic fish is accepted to Living Machines 2020. This work was reported by Dezeen last year. Congrats to Sander and Rob!


2020-7-1 Summer school on Computational Design for Additive Manufacturing will take place online, Sep. 1-11, 2020. It is supported by the IDEA League and the Design Society.


2020-6-15 Our work on toolpath planning with adaptive width is accepted for publication in CAD. Congrats to Tim!


2020-6-5 We are pleased to announce the TOP Webinar, an initiative by colleagues at DTU Denmark and TU Delft. The first session received 565 registrants!


2020-3-17 A joint work with Junpeng and Rüdiger on stress tensor visualization is accepted to Eurovis 2020. Congratulations!


2020-1-24 Weiming has been selected as a recipent of ISSMO/Springer prize for our paper "Space-time topology optimization for additive manufacturing". Congratulations!


2020-1-22 Congratulations to Alice and Rob for a paper accepted to RoboSoft 2020!

2019-11-12 In the past two weeks, I visited Prof. Westermann in Munich and Prof. Kobbelt in Aachen. It is really nice to discuss exciting research topics.


2019-10-08 It is my great honor to join the Editorial Board of the journal Computer-Aided Design.


2019-09-19 Last week at Sim-AM conference in the historical town of Pavia, I had the pleasure to present two recent works, Conforming Lattice Structures (recently accepted for publication in TVCG), and Space-Time Topology Optimization (today accepted for publication in SMO).


2019-07-14 Our work on color-based proprioception of soft robots is accepted for publication in IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics. Featured on IDE, 3DPrint.com and 3DPrintIndustry.com.


2019-07-14 I gave a lecture on topology optimization in the Graduate School on Geometry Processing, an event co-located with the Symposium on Geometry Processing. Lecture notes


2019-06-25 I'm proud to share that Tim's work was awarded the Best Paper Award (2nd place) at Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM) 2019. Award


2019-06-13 I will be visiting the Geometry Summit in Vancouver, June 17-21, and SGP in Milan, July 6-10.


2019-05-29 TU Delft is well represented at World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 2019 in Beijing. Among multiple talks by Delft colleagues are microstructural optimization by Eric and space-time topology optimization by Weiming.


2019-05-03 Our paper on graded foam structures for FDM printing is accepted to Solid and Physical Modeling 2019.


2019-04-18 Invited talk on "Topology Optimization of Structures with Meta-materials" at 4D Printing and Meta Materials conference.


2019-02-20 Joint work with Jeroen and Ole on homogenization-based optimization of coated structures is accepted to Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering.


2019-01-23 Our paper on reducing out-of-plane deformation of soft robotic actuators is accepted to RoboSoft 2019.


2019-01-23 Our research on 3D print graded microstructures is featured on 3Ders.org and 3DPrint.com

2018-12 Our paper on compatibility in microstructural optimization is accepted for publication in Additive Manufacturing.


2018-11 I was invited to serve in the program committee of Solid and Physical Modeling (SPM) 2019.


2018-10 I attended IUTAM symposium When topology optimization meets additive manufacturing in Dalian. During this trip back in China I also visited a few colleagues in Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, and Qingdao.


2018-07-27 I visited Prof. Ligang Liu at USTC and gave a talk in the USTC summer school of Advances in Computer Graphics.


2018-03-27 Our paper on adaptive structures is conditionally accepted to Solid and Physical Modeling 2018.


2018-01-12 We are organizing a special issue on Generative Design, in the Computer-Aided Design journal. -> Call-for-Papers


2018-01-12 Our paper on soft robotics is accepted to ICRA 2018.