TU Delft — MOOC Pre-University Calculus

Ik was betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van de Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) over Pre-University Calculus van de Technische Universiteit Delft:

This EdX Massive Open Online Course offers you the opportunity to review the mathematics that you need when you start your calculus course at university. The first topic is functions, essential for building mathematical models. Solving equations is the second topic important for making predictions. Differentiation and integration are the tools to study any phenomenon that varies in time and place. We will help you to get a good understanding of these topics, including definition, notation and visualisation. During this MOOC you will practice a lot and learn from common mistakes. TU Delft students will share their study experiences and tips with you! Is it your dream to become an engineer or a scientist and are you going to start university soon? As the Nuon Solar team explains: Calculus will be an important topic at university. It is an essential part of any engineering and scientific study. The aim of this pre-university Calculus course is to give you a great start at university! Consider Calc001X your summer course! Get ready for Calculus!

Aanmelden kan via www.edx.org/course/pre-university-calculus

Zie ook de website www.wiskunde-uitgelegd.tudelft.nl

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