Ship Hydromechanics and Structures



SHS organizes weekly/biweekly colloquia that take place at Wednesday 16:00-16:30.


Colloquia: Talks about a research topic are given by staff members, students and guests. The topics fall within the field of ship hydromechanics and structures and can be both theoretical and applied.


Setup: A talk of 15-20 min followed by questions and a discussion. We ask the presenters to focus on background, relevance and ideas instead of on a detailed description of the results.


Date Wednesday
Time 16:00-16:30
Location 34-B-1-210, IZ: D, E, F, G, H, I (varies)


Speakers: we are always looking for speakers. If you would like to present, or if you know somebody who wants to: please let us know!
Speakers are asked to provide by email (to Title + Abstract (plain text) + Picture(s)


Colloquim points: Do you need colloquim points? Each lecture is worth one colloquim point for the Marine Technology master programme.

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