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Personal Stuff

Here's another picture of me not looking like me taken by Andy at a lighting exhibition at the V & A. The gas lamps on the left really stole the show!

New Media Art

The World Within (Between) collaboration with Christian Jacquemin at LIMSI.



Art and Music

Here's an essay on Mark Rothko and the Rothko Chapel compositions by Morton Feldman and Steve Reich. I was fortunate enough, recently to ask Steve Reich a question after a lecture he gave at the Guildhall School of Music. I asked him if he was influenced by the work of Feldman and Rothko when he was commissioned to write Tehillim. He said that the commission was actually funded by a few organisations and was not directly linked with Rothko or Feldman. So there is the answer to the ponderings in my essay...


here's a link to a film that i helped contribute some origami for. Sadly, my origami models were not needed in the end but the film is great!

And here's a link to the British Origami Society

Robert Lang , origami consultant and previous laser physicist. Designed lense folding method for space shuttle...

This isn't origami... but it's great! By an artist called Thomas Demand.


Check out this link for very lovely randomly generated images... with source code !

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