VcDemo is an interactive image and video compression freeware software package for Windows.

It is intended as a tool for learning about compression techniques: from basic sampling and PCM to today's most advanced scalable embedded zerotree wavelet image compression technique, and the MPEG video compression standard.

The latest stable VcDemo release is Version 5.03. Development has been ended.

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VcDemo is an ideal tool for students to explore the possibilities of compression theory on real images using algorithms that text books teach about. The package is also very suitable for on-line demonstrations in lectures. A user manual (F1-help) is available, as well as a set of exercises that can serve as home work.

Illustration of VcDemo workspace

The screen shot above gives an impression of the user interface. VcDemo is entirely menu-driven. No programming is necessary, but the user has control over the crucial compression parameters. Example of such parameters are bit rate, prediction structure in DPCM, the block-size in DCT compression, and the Group-of-Picture structure in MPEG.

VcDemo loads any bmp or tiff-image, but the compression modules work only on the luminance component. Image sequences (video) consist of raw YUV files or series of bmp-images. Both MPEG video and system streams can be decoded by VcDemo. The VcDemo MPEG-1 encoded sequences can be decoded by any MPEG player.

All Windows platforms support the VcDemo-executable. VcDemo comes with an install/uninstall shield. The Winhlp function (pressing F1) has been discontinued in Windows 2000. Alternative formats for the help-information (pdf, html, chm) can be obtained by downloading this zip-file.

VcDemo is the based on image and video processing research and teaching at Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft), as well as public domain and non-disclosed compression software packages.

(c) 2020 TU-Delft.

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