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On June 29th 2019 I held my inaugural speech as full professor, with the title "Zichtbaar/onzichtbaar". You can watch the event here , and the full text can be found here.

The Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2019 has taken place in Delft on 26-28 August 2019. We are looking back on a very successfull event ! smlms2019


Make your own animated gif at LocalizeU. The infographic shows the build up of a superresolution microscopy image during a single molecule localization experiment. Check out the Research page (click here) for more details on our work in this area.

Check out our animation on 350 years of light microscopy in Delft, from van Leeuwenhoek to the Nobel Prize in 2014 and recent efforts in our lab on achieving 1 nm optical resolution with single molecule localization microscopy.


I have a long-running collaboration with Bernd Rieger on super-resolution microscopy. Check out his homepage for further information on super-resolution microscopy.