Welcome to the personal homepage of Jeroen Kalkman. This website contains information about my research activities. If you have any comments or questions, let me know.

Latest news

October 2016: Our first OPT and zebrafish images published in Optics Express.
December 2015: Breakthrough in sensorless adaptive optics published in Optics Letters. See also our press release.
February 2015: Research on local diffusion and flow quantification with OCT in Optics Express
December 2014: Adaptive optics OCT paper published (collaboration with DCSC)
November 2014: Zebrafish research covered in Delta
May 2013: Vidi grant "Zebrafish swim into a new light" awarded
October 2012: Moved to TU Delft, working on adaptive optics OCT
November 2010: Physical Review Letters published on
"Path-length resolved diffusive particle dynamics in optical coherence tomography"
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