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Dutch Seminar on Optimization.

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Scientific publications

Most of my publications can be found at arXiv and Google Scholar.


Excluding affine configurations over a finite field, 2021arXiv
On the size of subsets of (Fq)n avoiding solutions to linear systems with repeated columns, with J. van Dobben de Bruyn, 2021arXiv
Parallel machine scheduling with a single resource per job, with T. Janssen, C. Swennenhuis, A. Bitar, T. Bosman, L. van Iersel, Stèphane Dauzère-Pérès, Claude Yugma, 2018 arXiv
Block diagonalization for algebras associated with block codes, 2009arXiv


Enumerating all bilocal Clifford distillation protocols through symmetry reduction, with S. Jansen, K. Goodenough, S. de Bone, D. Elkouss, Quantum 6 (2022)arXiv DOI
Achieving sybil-proofness in distributed work systems, with A. Stannat, C.U. Lieri, J. Pouwelse, AAMAS'21 (2021)PDF DOI
Integer packing sets form a well-quasi-ordering, with A. Del Pia, J. Linderoth, H. Zu, OR Letters 49(2) (2021)arXiv DOI
Constructing tree decompositions of graphs with bounded gonality, with H.L. Bodlaender, J. van Dobben de Bruyn, H. Smit, International Computing and Combinatorics Conference (2020)arXiv DOI
Treewidth is a lower bound on graph gonality, with J. van Dobben de Bruyn, Algebraic Combinatorics vol 3.4 (2020)arXiv DOI
Computing graph gonality is hard, with H. Smit, M. van der Wegen, Discrete Applied Mathematics vol 287 (2020)arXiv DOI
On large subsets of (Fq)n with no three-term arithmetic progression, with J.S. Ellenberg, D. Gijswijt, Annals of Mathematics, vol 185 (2017)arXiv DOI
On the constant in a transference inequality for the vector-valued Fourier transform, with J. van Neerven, AJMAA 13.1 (2016)arXiv Pub
Approximation Algorithms for Hard Capacitated k-facility Location Problems, with K. Aardal, P. van den Berg, S. Li, European Journal of Operational Research 242.2 (2015)arXiv DOI
An algorithm for weighted fractional matroid matching, with Gy. Pap, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, series B 103 (2013) arXiv DOI
Violating the Shannon capacity of metric graphs with entanglement, with J. Briët, H. Buhrman, PNAS 110.48 (2013)arXiv DOI
Polyhedra with the integer Caratheodory property, with G. Regts, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 102 (2012)arXiv DOI
Characterizing partition functions of the vertex model, with J. Draisma, L. Lovász, G. Regts, A. Schrijver, Journal of Algebra 350 (2012)arXiv DOI
Invariant semidefinite programs, with C. Bachoc, A. Schrijver, F. Vallentin, in: Handbook on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization (M.F. Anjos, J.B. Lasserre, eds.), 2012arXiv DOI
Semidefinite code bounds based on quadruple distances, with H.D. Mittelmann, A. Schrijver, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 58 (2012)arXiv DOI
Clique partitioning of interval graphs with submodular costs on the cliques, with V. Jost, M. Queyranne, RAIRO 41 (3) (2007) DOI
A Slow-Growing Sequence Defined by an Unusual Recurrence, with F.J. van de Bult, J.P. Linderman, N.J.A. Sloane, A.R. Wilks, Journal of integer sequences 10 (1) (2007) arXiv PID
New upper bounds for nonbinary codes based on the Terwilliger algebra and semidefinite programming, with A. Schrijver, H. Tanaka, Journal of Comb. Theory, Series A 113 (8) (2006)PDF DOI
Integer decomposition for polyhedra defined by nearly totally unimodular matrices, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 19.3 (2005)PDF DOI
A combinatorial identity arising from cobordism theory, with P. Moree, Acta Math. Univ. Comenian. (N.S.) 74.2 (2005)arXiv PDF
On a packet scheduling problem for smart antennas and polyhedra defined by circular-ones matrices, Electron. Notes Discrete Math., 17 (2004)PDF DOI
On the b-stable set polytope of graphs without bad K4, with A. Schrijver, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 16.3 (2003)PDF DOI


Matrix algebras and semidefinite programming techniques for codes, PhD Thesis, University of Amsterdam, September 2005 (under supervision of A. Schrijver)PDF arXiv
Additional Propositions or Stellingen (in Dutch)

old manuscripts

The following manuscripts have been largely absorbed by other papers and will not be published.
Asymptotic upper bounds on progression-free sets in (Zp)n, 2016arXiv
Computing divisorial gonality is hard, 2015arXiv
On the Caratheodory rank of polymatroid bases, with G. Regts, 2010arXiv

Publications for broader audience

The beautiful mathematics of the card game SET, STAtOR 2019, nr.2PDF
Het Cap Set-probleem, with A. Blokhuis, Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, March 2017 PDF
The card game SET: a mathematical challenge, Machazine, February 2017 PDF
The power of shaking hands, Machazine, April 2016PDF
Krulgetallen en een heel langzaam stijgende rij, Pythagoras, January 2016 PDF
De Huwelijksstelling van Hall, Pythagoras, Januari 2009 PDF
My other publications in Pythagoras (in Dutch)