Most of the Ph.D. theses that prof. Lagendijk has (co-)supervised can also be found on the TU Delft repository.

Oguzhan Ersoy Incentives and Cryptographic Protocols for Bitcoin-like Blockchains 7 September 2021
Mark Roeling Statistical Analysis in Cyberspace. Data Veracity, Completeness, and Clustering 7 June 2021
Chibuike Ugwuoke Privacy Threats and Cryptographic Solutions to Genome Data Processing 21 May 2021
Gamze Tillem Preserving Confidentiality in Data Analytics-as-a-Service 5 May 2020
Majid Nateghizad Efficient Cryptographic Building Blocks for Processing Private Measures in e-Healthcare 28 November 2019
Yuan Zeng Distributed Speech Enhancement in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks 18 June 2015
Jorge Martinez Castaneda Low-complexity computer simulation of multichannel room impulse responses 22 November 2013
Linjun Yang Advanced Retrieval Models for Web Image Search 9 July 2013
Yue Shi Ranking and Context-awareness in Recommender Systems 20 June 2013
Stevan Rudinac Advancing the Relevance Criteria for Video Search and Visual Summarization 6 May 2013
Cees Taal Prediction and Optimization of Speech Intelligibility in Adverse Conditions 25 January 2013
Bartek Gedrojc Private Computing with Untrustworthy Proxies 4 October 2011
Peter Jan Doets Modeling Audio Fingerprints: Structure, Distortion, Capacity 20 October 2010
Stefan Borchert Distributed Video Coding (DVC): Motion estimation and DCT quantization in low complexity video compression Coding 30 June 2010
Zeki Erkin Secure Signal Processing: Privacy Preserving Cryptographic Protocols for Multimedia 24 June 2010
Lie Lu Content Discovery from Composite Audio: An Unsupervised Approach 2 December 2009
Jacco Taal Resilient Video Coding for Wireless and Peer-to-peer Networks 2 October 2007
Jan Ostergaard Multiple-Description Lattice Vector Quantization 18 June 2007
Richard den Hollander Random Sampling Methods for Two-View Geometry Estimation 10 May 2007
Ivo Shterev Quantization-Based Watermarking: Methods for Amplitude Scale Estimation, Security, and Linear Filtering Invariance 12 March 2007
Omar Niemut Rate-Distortion Optimal Time-Frequency Decompositions for MDCT-based Audio Coding 14 November 2006
Stelian Persa Sensor Fusion in Head Pose Tracking for Augmented Reality 6 June 2006
Ivaylo Haratcherev Application-oriented Link Adaptation for IEEE 802.11 14 March 2006
Kathy Cartrysse Private Computing and Mobile Code Systems 21 November 2005
Hylke van Dijk Democratic Processing: Mastering the complexity of communicating systems 22 November 2004
Iwan Setyawan Geometric Distortion In Image and Video watermarking: Robustness and Perceptual Quality Impact 14 June 2004
Stephan Mietens Complexity Scalable MPEG Encoding 18 February 2004
Ioannis Patras Object-based Video Segmentation with Region Labeling 26 November 2001
Frank Spaan Error Resilient Compression of Digital Video Data 3 April 2000
Gerhard Langelaar Real-time Watermarking Techniques for Compressed Video Data 1 February 2000
Alan Hanjalic Vidual-Content Analysis for Multimedia Retrieval Systems 7 December 1999
Peter van Roosmalen Restoration of Archived Film and Video 1 October 1999
Manfred Ziegler Region-based Analysis and Coding of Stereoscopic Video 13 October 1997
Patrick van der Meer Variable Bit Rate Compressed Video 3 March 1997
Frank Bosveld Hierarchical Video Compression using SBC 23 September 1996
Ruggero Franich Disparity Estimation in Stereoscopic Digital Images 3 September 1996
Emmanuel Frimout Fast Playback of Helical-scan Recorded MPEG Video 28 November 1995
Richard Kleihorst Noise Filtering of Image Sequences 10 October 1994
Ricardo Belfor Subsampling Methods for Image Sequence Coding 9 June 1994